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Guide to cleaning fleece blanket

Finally the nights have become colder and there is need to stay warm at night. Although you have a heating system, you are sure your fleece blanket is a more economical way to stay warm during cold months. That is why you have removed it from where it was hiding throughout the first part of the year and it has now become a constant companion on your bed. It is good to go to sleep smelling freshly clean beddings and this also holds true for blankets. Knowing how to clean your fleece blanket will help ensure that they last longer and stay as new as the day they were bought.

The day you went to the shop to a buy a blanket, you must have seen other types of blankets like plush blankets and embroidered blankets but you decided to go for a fleece blanket. You should have your reasons for this but my guess is you like the warmth and comfort that this kind of blanket can provide. Even your kids will love the fluffiness of this blanket. This cosy feeling you get from using the fleece throw or blanket will be destroyed if care is not taken to clean it properly. Improper treatment of this blanket will result to the blanket becoming hard and rough.

To keep your blanket in the same condition as you bought it, it is good to use detergent that is right for the fabric to wash it. Some of the steps to ensure proper cleaning are as follows.

• First of all remove any stains that are found on the blanket. A good way to do this is to make use of dishwasher liquid.
• Put your fleece blanket or throw together with other items that are of the same fabric and colour. It is not a good idea to mix different colours as some items may run ruining other ones.
• Your washing machine should be set to soft or gentle. Avoid washing blanket in hot water. Only cold water or lukewarm water should be used.
• Add items to be washed in washing machine. Skip adding fabric softeners as this may instead damage the blanket.
• Dry items in low heat in the washing machine or dry it out in the sun on a drying line.
• To ensure proper drying on all sides, take out the blanket sometime during the drying process and shake it.
• When dry shake any wrinkles with the hand. However this type of blankets is not prone to have wrinkles on them.

While washing your fleece blanket is a good idea, avoid using bleach on them. Also it is not a good idea to wash blankets with towels.  By following these simple steps, you can remove all the oil from the body, hair and spilled food that go unto the blanket. To maintain the blanket in the same shape as when it was store bought, it is important to use only the cleaning methods that are suitable for that type of fabric.

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