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Great Uses for Embroidered Blankets

Customised embroidered blankets make a household necessity into a fantastic gift, keepsake or promotional tool. It might be difficult to imagine, but there are many applications for an embroidered blanket.

Firstly, any material can be embroidered to many specifications - from plush to eco fleece and even nylon coated picnic blankets. This means that whatever your intended purpose, the blanket will be perfectly suited to meet your needs. Many available blankets have been specially designed specifically for portability and ease of use. The nylon-coated picnic blanket, for example, self-folds into a neat and small rectangle and has a tough nylon handle attached. Many of the luxurious plush blankets have large silk ribbons for tying the blanket into a neat roll - in this way, a plush blanket could even double up as a sofa cushion or bed pillow.

In addition, all the blankets are very reasonably priced. This makes them ideal for occasions with a large number of guests, as well as for a surprisingly inexpensive but touchingly personal gift from one person to another. 

A custom embroidered blanket could make a great gift from parents to a child who is moving away from home. Especially perfect for students - a blanket from Mom and Dad, with a specially penned and embroidered message will come in useful and be a warm reminder of home. Parents can rest assured that their son or daughter is cosy and warm and thinking of them at the same time.

Also in connection to students, embroidered blankets are great for College sporting events. Produce a batch of blankets in the teams colour, with their emblem or name. In this way, spectators can keep warm if outdoors in colder climates and will have a great souvenir of their team to keep forever. If there's an especially big game coming up, why not produce specifically dated blankets to immortalise sporting success.

Likewise, embroidered blankets make professional and impressive corporate gifts. With a blanket bearing your company logo, it is possible to make a company gift into a promotional product. Potential clients and previous customers will be reminded of your companies branding every time they use the blanket. What is more, blankets are useful and practical items - giving a company gift that is actually useful to the recipient packs a far more powerful punch.

Blankets can also make lovely keepsakes from special occasions. For Christenings and baby naming days, they make wonderful personal gifts to the baby and can be embroidered with the babies name and a message from the giver. For other events, embroider the blanket with the event and date as gifts for the guests. For example; 'Mazel Tov! Luke's Bar Mitzvah - June 2nd 2012- or 'Congratulations Jenny and Jack - Spring 2012'. In particular for weddings, this is a perfect solution for outdoor weddings (which are becoming increasingly popular). Place a custom embroidered blanket onto each seat as the guests arrive and they will be protected from unexpected cool breezes.

In some cases, certain patterns of embroidery will work best on certain materials - but embroidery experts can easily advise on this.

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