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Good fleece blankets

Fleece Blankets become very popular in our life.  Many people like the fleece blankets.  But when  you choose the fleece blankets,  you should consider buy a good fleece blanket.


A good fleece blanket can come in a wide range of textures, each processed slightly differently. The top side may be almost smooth, or may have a nice velvet feel to it, while the bottom side is usually even smoother, with a texture greatly resembling felt. Many people make their own fleece blanket, because of the ease of using fleece as a 'no-sew' material. Beginners love fleece because it never ravels the way most materials do, making it difficult to ruin a length of fabric.


There are three main weight categories of fleece which can be used for a fleece blanket, depending on how warm Blankets are desired. Microfleeces are the lightest, and are not really suitable for anything but a light fleece blanket meant to be used underneath a heavier blanket. Hundred-weight fleeces are the next weight category, and are about as heavy as an average pair of sweatpants. Medium-weight fleeces are often used for jackets and vests, and are ideal for a blanket used in cold conditions.


Fleece is a great material for blankets because of its excellent weight-to-insulation ratio. It is soft and comfortable, retains heat well and is light enough to be carried on backpacking trips or stored away easily in a closet. In camping situations, the polyester material of a fleece blanket helps to pull moisture away and keeps the campers drier than other blanket materials. While perhaps not as ideal as some high-tech alternatives, for the price fleece simply can't be beat.

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