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Fleece blankets - personalize blankets

Looking for a way to make an inexpensive fleece blanket more luxurious? Here are a few suggestions.


If you can sew a straight seam, this is the project for you. Trim the sides of the fleece blankets with white cotton rope, white base tape, or even ribbon. These items can be found at any sewing notions or craft store. You can even add tassels on to the corners to add a touch of elegance. Also try to pick your fleece blankets or fleece throws in softer colors such as beige, taupe, peach, light yellow, powder blue or pale pink.


Can't sew in a straight line don't worry. Just take your fleece blankets to a local dry cleaners or seamstress and they will do the job for you. If you have multiple blankets to be trimmed take them at the same time. They might offer you a bulk discount for services.


You can also take your fleece blankets to a local embroider. Similar to those found in malls or where schools go for their team items to be personalized. Often just by adding embroidered initials on the blanket in a script font adds elegance to the blanket.

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