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Fleece blankets making method

If you want to for the best value plush blankets and also want them to be in great designs. When we talk about polar fleece blankets, suddenly an image of winter night comes into our minds in which we are feeling really warm and cozy. Isn??t it? A lot of people think that it is really difficult to make a fleece blankets.

How to make a Polar fleece blanket

Use a yardstick and a pen to draw some horizontal lines. These lines should be proper and in same size.  After this you need to draw some vertical lines as well. You have to maintain a space of about half to three quarter of inches as per your own preference. Keep on doing the same process until you draw vertical lines from the main line to the edges.

While purchasing the fleece, you decide which size blanket you want to make. You have to take the same length of fleece for your blanket. If you are willing to use it on to your bed, you can choose to take a length around ten to twelve inches more than the length of your bed.

You can start by selecting a good quality fleece that is thick, tightly woven and does not reveal signs of shedding into little balls of fuzz. You can easily find such good quality fleece in a near shop. You can also shop it online because there are number of stores available online which trade in fleece.
Remember it is among the easiest sewing thing in the whole world. Anyone can make it. All he needs patience, time and effort to make it complete. You can also use it as a gift for the one you care. Because the warmth and softness it carries will reflect your warmth and care for that person.

There are different fabric shears available. Using a nice one you need to cut along each edge. This process continues until you get fringe on each side. That??s it. Your polar fleece blanket is ready to use.

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