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Fleece blankets and use in cold season

I bought another set of fleece blankets. They are much cheaper than electric blankets and they are significantly toastier than cotton sheets. Fleece plush blankets are very suitable for winter season.


Having gone through the hassle of uprooting myself, I would rather not make others go through the ordeal, either. Living in Toronto gives me three big challenges: being halfway around the world from family and old friends, making sure my paperwork is in order, and dealing with winter. Video calls, new friendships, and trips home take care of the first challenge. I am about to finish my permanent residency process, so that will take care of the second challenge.


Fleece blankets and seasons
Now that I have accepted winter as inevitable, I can face it on my own terms and look for ways to stay happy.


It is hard to believe that I am getting ready for my fifth winter in Canada. My fifth! And yet each year makes winter better and better. In 2005, I filled my wardrobe with winter coats from Goodwill. In 2006, a family friend gave me some great coats, and I spent winter time with Toronto friends. 2007 was my first winter, filled with tobogganing and hot chocolate.


Last year, I discovered the joys of winter hiking, warm cats, and home-made clothes. This year, I am looking forward to toasty custom blankets, lots of baking, and splashes of color in the clothes I will make. The seasons change with or without me, so it is up to me to adapt.

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