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Fleece Blankets and Custom Fleece Blankets

Custom fleece blankets make the perfect gift or promotional product because you don't have to worry about getting the correct size and they are used by everyone.


The difference between a fleece blanket and a fleece throw is the size. Fleece blankets are in sizes that correspond to bedding dimensions. A fleece throw is smaller than a twin blanket perfect for throwing over your lap of shoulders. Fleece throws are sometimes stadium blankets because of their popularity at sporting events.


Fleece blankets come in different weights that are labeled in ounces or grams per linear yard. A heavier fleece weight will mean a thicker blanket. This is no matter what size of the blanket.


Next time you are looking for a gift or promotional item remember fleece blankets or fleece throws. They can be personalized for a truly personal gift.

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