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Fleece blankets DIY

No Sewing Necessary
Using the following easy approaches to make cozy fleece blankets. They are tie blankets, meaning that you do not need a sewing machine, or even need to know how to sew. As the custom blankets are composed of two layers of fleece it is extra warm.


The tools necessary:
Two equal size pieces of polar fleece


Choosing Your Fleece
You need two pieces of polar fleece, of approximately the same size. The size of the promotional blankets is completely up to you. Keep in mind that you are making 4 inch cuts into the fabric on all sides, to make the ties, so you may need to make an allowance for this if you are making your blanket to particular specifications.


Mix and match colors and patterns to your taste. You can purchase polar fleece at most fabric stores or in the fabric and craft departments of major department stores. You can buy regular fleece blankets for this project too. This is a nice option when there is a large central image or picture on the blanket, as opposed to a smaller repeating pattern on a roll of polar fleece fabric.


Easy Fleece Blanket
For younger, you can make a smaller blanket of the same material, for a favorite doll or teddy bear. You can also make pillow case or covers using the tie motif around the edges. Using crafting scissors instead of regular scissors, you can make interesting patterns along the edges of the ties.


Six Easy Steps:
Spread the two pieces of fabric on a large clean surface, one on top of the other, and pin them together. Remember to pin the backs of the material together.

Trim the fabric so that the two pieces are exactly the same size.

Remove the four corners of the two pinned pieces of fabric. Either cut out squares, about four inches deep, or cut on an angle, so that a triangle of fabric is removed from each corner, measuring about four inches on the two equal sides of the triangle. Cutting out squares on the corners will make a straight finish on the corners.

Next, cut the fabric around the edge of the blanket into 1 inch wide strips. The length of the strip can vary, but four inches is suggested.

Tie the strips together, joining the bottom fleece piece with the top. Make double knots. This is a good job for kids.

Remove the pins and enjoy.

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