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FLEECE and PLUSH compared!

So after three long months of articles about blankets, the halcyon condition has been reached.  The question that everyone would ask if they could only unbury themselves from all the advertising long enough to make sense of it for a moment.  The winds of cheap junk have abated long enough for us to watch some waves come into shore in peace and silence. 
What in the blazes is the difference between Plush and fleece anyway?

Plush is like the hair on the back of rabbit, the skin of the rabbit would be the denier, or interior fabric, which holds the plush out at even length.  Plush actually makes a passable imitation of animal skins, thus its use in stuffed animals.  Plush is individual pieces of thread trapped in a weave and then cut off all at the same length.  Most textiles are a plush surface on only one side.  The other side is a mass of loops of thread.  This lays evenly and looks very similar to the plush surface, depending on the cut length of the plush. 

Fleece is like what happens when you get an indian burn on your arm.  The threads sticking out on both sides of the denier are cut off even, then, twisted furiously like your hair when your big brother is giving you a nugie.  The loose pieces of fabric come out, and the remaining fibers become interlocked, basically twisted into random knots on both sides of the denier. 

So fleece is random looking, confusing, even confounding, like looking at a piece of gauze.  There is a large degree of variance, not a lot of accuracy, symmetry or repetition, to the patterns.

The Fleece, because of its randomness, retains very little water, it is hydrophobic, so if you need to stay warm and could possibly get wet, it would be a good choice.  Plush is generally chosen for its lux appeal rather than its functionality.

Just remember, fleece was designed for use in lightweight outerwear as a replacement for more expensive wool products.  Plush was designed with tactile comfort and beauty as the goal.    

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