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Fleece blankets are rising in popularity. These blankets are handy to have and appeal to everyone no matter their age or gender. Fleece blankets can also be customized with names, company logos, or other images and lettering. Fleece blanket are also inexpensive yet very durable. These characteristics are what keep fleece blankets flying off the shelves.


You can find fleece blankets in almost any color, size, style, and weight. Fleece is an ideal material for any blanket, including throws, picnic blankets, stadium blankets, and even bed blankets.


No matter what climate people live in, they can always use a fleece blanket at every season.  This makes them ideal for corporate gifts and school or community fundraisers. Fleece blankets are so warm and cozy they bring back fond memories of snuggling up at home on a chilly evening but can also be lined with a waterproof nylon side for picnicking.


Fleece blankets make great gifts as well. Custom fleece blankets can boost a company's sales when given out as a promotional item. These blankets can also be sold blank from the store floor. Fleece blankets have earned a spot in almost every home. They are inexpensive, lightweight, warm and durable. Since fleece both insulates as well as breathes fleece blankets will keep you warm as they wick away moisture. Give someone a gift that they will appreciate and use. Give them a fleece blanket.

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