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Custom Blankets - A Great Gift for the Family

Customised embroidered blankets make a wonderful gift for every member of your family and can fit all kinds of gift giving occasions. Almost all blankets can be embroidered with your own designs and embroidery experts can advise as to which embroidered designs can be added to which blankets types.

Christmas shopping can be so expensive and stressful, but customised embroidered blankets can provide perfect gifts in one stop!

Especially for elderly relatives, blankets are a perfect gift that will be used time and time again - by giving an embroidered blanket; it is possible to add a personalised and one off touch that makes the gift really special. For a funny, quirky edge for elderly couples, why not give embroidered his and hers blankets. Or add a personalised message that is relevant to the specific year; To Mum, Merry Christmas 2012, lots of love Sandra and Mick, for example. Or, add logo's such as a tree for Christmas, a turkey for Thanksgiving, along with a special and unique message.  

Blankets also make ideal gifts for relatives that live far away: they are fairly light, very easy to package and there is little risk of damage in transit. Add a funny personal message such as 'A bit of warmth, with love from California', or if you live in colder climates than your loved one; 'We use these a lot in Alaska!' Other than Christmas gifts, because blankets are so inexpensive, they make great 'thinking of you' style presents to let loved ones know you are always thinking of them. This is a fantastic idea for relatives that are away at College - whether sons and daughters, brothers and sisters or grandchildren - a blanket is a great gift for any student (what better way to avoid expensive heating bills?)

A blanket can also make a great gift for anyone who is going away on a journey or vacation. Nylon based picnic blankets can be embroidered. A lovely gift could be a perfect and convenient picnic blanket embroidered with 'Bon Vonage, love from ...' This way, friends and relatives will always think of you on their travels - and will be sure to send a postcard! This is also an ideal way for parents to let their children know they are thinking of them. Blankets of all kinds would be fantastic gifts for young people who are going traveling before further education or work: imagine them sitting near the Grand Canyon, or on a beach in Thailand, warmly wrapped up in a blanket from Mom and Dad. Again, because many blankets (especially fleece and plush blankets) are very light and fold up small, they can easily be placed into the bottom of a suitcase or backpack.  

Personalised embroidered blankets are wonderful gifts that can apply to a surprisingly wide number of occasions. They are ideal for direct and extended families and very considerate, useful gifts for friends and colleagues alike. By putting your own message onto a blanket, the gift will never be forgotten!

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