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Cotton Blankets of Spring and Summer

During spring and summer most people put away the heavy comforters from winter, but still need a little extra cover at night. Cotton blankets are the perfect blanket for spring and summer months.


Cotton is a fabric that breathes. Because of this trait many people choose cotton blankets for their beds. As a natural fabric it also keeps you warm with out the added weight a heavier comforter or blanket would have.


Usually cotton blankets are loose woven which allows them to wick away moisture to keep us from overheating as we sleep. They hold in just enough body heat to keep us comfortable.


There was a time when the only place we saw these cotton blankets regularly used was in the hospital.  In fact, hospitals still use cotton blankets.  They are lightweight and easy to wash as well as quite affordable.  In the past they could only be found in white.


As colors became more popular for bedding, cotton blankets seemed to be left solely for hospital use and for use with newborns.  Today all that has changed.  Not only is cotton a favorite fabric for newborn bedding, more and more of us are looking to cotton for all our bedding needs. Today cotton blankets are available in a multitude of colors. 


Selecting cotton bedding and blankets for the spring and summer months will provide comfortable sleep whether one sleeps with an open window, beneath a ceiling fan, or in an air conditioned home.

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