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Cotton blankets make wonderful swaddle blankets

The purpose of the swaddling blanket is in the name itself. Usually it wraps tightly over the baby body. Swaddling serves the same purpose as a security blanket by helping babies feel secure. 


The main difference between the other type of blankets and swaddling blankets are all other blankets are just covering the baby body but only the swaddling blankets wraps the baby body.
It must have some other factors like good color, good design and smoothness which should provide the friendly as well as the sophisticated environment to the baby.

Your first look at a cotton muslin swaddle or receiving blanket might surprise you. The fabric looks a bit like gauze and doesn't look thick enough to keep an infant warm. But don't let appearances fool you. Cotton muslin just might be the perfect fabric for a specialized blanket like a swaddling blanket. The light weight fabric is perfect for a loose fit yet keeping the ability to make a snug wrap. And the breathable fabric is an absolute necessity for allowing babies to regulate their body temperatures.


A blanket make of 100% cotton muslin is the best quality receiving blanket or wrap you can find for your baby. Soft, breathable and stretchable cotton muslin fabric has been popular since the 17th century in Europe and the Middle East for its many qualities and is an ideal fabric for infant products such as swaddling blankets and clothing.


Moms really like cotton muslin because it is a very soft yet very durable fabric capable of putting up with continual washing and drying with the regular laundry. In fact, cotton muslin generally gets softer the more you wash it.

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