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How to Choose the Right Blanket?

Measure the size of your bed carefully. Pick a blanket that fits your bed perfectly. A lousy blanket spoils half the fun. A queen bed requires a full/ queen quilt while a California King bed requires a King size blanket.
Consider your preferences while choosing the blanket. Do you prefer a light weight blanket or a heavier one? The material of the blanket should be selected as per your personal choice. Decide which material you prefer - cotton, woolen, fleece, or electric blanket, and select accordingly.
Consider the most important thing, your budget. You may love a fleece blanket but is it within your budget? If budget is a constraint for you, it is better to look out for the sales announcements or discount offers in your favorite blanket shops.
Make sure that your blanket has a cover. This is essential to keep it clean and add weight to your blanket. Covers are also good if you are bored with one color of the blankets. They give a new look to your blanket and add variety to your space.

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