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How to Make a Fleece Tie Blanket

Youve admired Fleece Tie blankets and throws because they are soft, warm, and well, what not to like? But you dont feel you have the room/ability/physical capability to make one? Here are some instructions that can get around many obstacles that people may find limiting.

1. Select two different fleece patterns that compliment each other, or use a pattern on one side and a solid color on the other.

2. Try different combinations! Some patterns that dont seem they would go together, actually compliment each other quite well!

3. Purchase anywhere from 1.5 to 3 yards (1.3-2.7 meters of each fleece. 1.5 yards makes a decent size throw, 2.5-3 yards makes a nice twin size blanket.

4. Consider the area you have available to spread out your material. If you dont have room to spread out the whole material or you cant physically crawl around on the floor lean over a bed, you can adapt by using a kitchen table or available floor room to cut and tie your fleece.

5. Spread out the material so that the softer or more brightly colored sides face out and match both up at one end and sides as far as they lay flat. Trim if needed.

6. Consider how you will measure the cuts to make the ties. They dont have to be exact! When cutting against the nap (usually the narrower end the strips need to be a little longer (about 4-5 inches/11-14 cm), than along the long sides, (about 2.5-3 inches/7-9 cm because they dont stretch as much while tying.

7. Use something rectangular in shape, if not using a ruler to measure. .If you have trouble seeing the graduations on a ruler, a card cut to the right measurements (for instance 3x5/9x14 cm is easier to use to make corner cuts even and strips uniform in length. Use the long edge of the card for the longer strips and the short edge for the shorter ones.

8. Cut out a rectangle from both corners with a pair of scissors. Make sure you are cutting through both pieces of fleece.

9. Cut strips of approx. 1 inch from each corner down the end and the sides for as long as the material lies flat. They dont have to be exactly uniform, but should be approximately the same size. Small irregularities will not be noticeable in the finished product. An easy way to measure is by using your thumb. If your fingers are larger, use the width of your thumb, if your fingers are smaller, use from tip to first knuckle.

10.Tie the corner strips together first using a simple knot to attach the bottom layer to the top layer.

11. Tighten the knot, if you have trouble getting the knot tight due to arthritic or weak fingers, by holding the end of one tail of the knotted pair with one hand and sliding the fingers of the other hand up to push the knot tighter.

12. Tie the strips at the end between the two corners next in the same way.

13. Dont worry if the fleece puckers!

14. Use flat hands to stretch and smooth the material so it lies flat again.

15. Tie the strips down each side for as long as it is cut and flatten as before.

16. Fold the tied portion up and move the fleece down so that more of the material lies flat (trim if needed and repeat steps 9 through 11 until about 2/3 of the blankets is tied.

17. Turn the blanket around and spread out so that the remaining end is flat. 
18. Trim end and sides if needed and repeat from step 8 until blankets is finished.
19. Notice how all those little imperfections seem to magically blend into the pattern.
20. Fold blanket, place into gift bag, and tie handles together with ribbon.
21. Feel good about yourself. You just made something with your caring, time, and effort for someone who will appreciate it. What? It not perfect? Nonsense! It just right.

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