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How to Wash a Blanket

1 Machine wash for a limited period of time; generally one to five minutes is suggested. Dissolve detergent in the suggested water temperature before placing the blankets in the washer; do not use bleach. Evenly distribute the blanket in the washing machine. Use a regular cold water rinse and spin cycle.

Alternate 1: Hand wash by soaking the blanket for 15 minutes in detergent and lukewarm water. Squeeze the suds through the blanket. Rinse in cold water at least twice. Do not vigorously twist or wring the blankets. If you want to get creative, you could do this in a tub or the bottom of a shower, using your clean feet instead of hands to agitate.

2 Machine dry by preheating the dryer at medium temperature. Add the blankets and allow it to tumble dry for ten minutes. Take the blankets out while it is still damp.
3 Air dry to ambient humidity. Most manufacturers suggest the damp blankets finish drying by draping the blankets over two parallel lines. Use both hands to straighten and pull into shape.
4 Never totally machine-dry blankets, for fear of scorching it, but rather drape it. In an air conditioned environment you should not have difficulty with mold, nor in a dry climate.

Blankets are big. Wash one at a time. It harder for the water and soap to circulate effectively. Tumbling washers help with this, but people have been washing blankets (and sleeping bags in home machines for many years.

Dont leave your blanket in the dryer too long, you can burn some fabrics like acrylics!

Do NOT put it on your bed while it still wet, this is just asking for mildew infestation. Try to keep gross mold and mildew growths somewhere where you wont be spending long periods of time unconscious, maybe?

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