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How to Make a Blanket

Making a blanket or throw is a fun and easy project. Even though a sewing machine is required, you do not need to know how to sew. For the purpose of this article, the instructions are for fleece blankets with fringe. Read on to learn how to make a blanket.

Things you will Need:

    Sewing machine
    Straight edge (yard stick)
    Fleece material (measurements listed in Step 1)
    Fabric measuring tape

Step 1
Choose fabric. If you are creating this blanket for personal use, choose a color or print of fleece that is in a favorite color or pattern. If you are creating the blanket for a decorating accent, choose a color or design that coordinates with the room decor. For a baby or small child, purchase 1 yard of fabric, but if the blanket is used by an older child or adult, purchase at least 2 yards.

Step 2
Prepare fabric. Open the piece of fabric and lay out on a workspace or floor. Measure 3 inches from the edge and make a small mark to notate the 3 inch point all the way around the blanket.

Step 3
Draw a straight line. Use a straight edge, such as a yard stick, and connect all of the 3-inch points together in a straight line going all the way around the fabric.

Step 4
Cut the fringe. Measure two inches across and cut down to the 3-inch line.
Step 5
Measure spaces. After the first 2-inch fringe, measure a 2-inch space and cut out another 2-inch fringe. Continue pattern around the perimeter of the fleece blanket, leaving a 2-inch space in between all fringes.

Step 6
Sew. When all of the fringes are cut, simply sew a straight stitch on top of the penciled line, stopping the cuts made into the fabric to create the fringe.

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