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Choosing Great Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are amongst the most personal and useful gifts you can give to a baby. One has to be extra careful when choosing gifts for babies, since they are extremely delicate and fragile. Here are some tips to help you choose the right baby blankets for gifts.


Since blankets are close to the baby's body, they must be hypoallergenic. The next important thing to keep in mind for the safety of the baby is loose ends, threads, or stitches. Ensure that there are none. They can easily get caught in the baby's fingers, toes, hands and feet and may even cut their skin.


The next important thing to consider when choosing a baby blanket is the comfort of the baby. It is important that the baby feels comfortable inside the blanket. It should be pleasant to touch and light to carry.


You will also want to consider the durability and wash ability of the blanket. Babies have accidents and their blankets will need to be washed often. You want to pick a blanket that not only washes well but dries quickly.

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