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About fleece blankets' material

If you want to buy a blanket, you can choose the Fleece Blankets. They are very warm and snuggly. This because they have good material.


Fleece is a breathable, moisture wicking fabric. What this means is that the fleece fibers pull moisture through it to its exterior surface allowing moisture to evaporate while still allowing air to easily pass through its fibers. This great combination of features makes fleece ideal for blankets or outerwear. Fleece will pull body moisture away to evaporate while still allowing for air circulation creating a soft, warm and dry covering. Because of the way fleece is woven when it is created and its fiber content, fleece will not fray when it is cut! Because of this you can do all kinds of neat sewing and cut work on fleece without having to worry about finishing raw edges, or raw edges fraying. Fleece comes in multiple weights that fall into three main categories: micro fleece, medium weight fleece, and heavy weight fleece.


As with most fabrics the quality of fleece varies and the quality is often reflected in the price tag! Lower quality fleece has a tendency to pick up small pieces of lint in the wash and dryer; this is called "pilling". Pilling doesn't hurt the fleece, but it does detract from its appearance and texture.


In fact, the fleece blankets have many advantage. So it is a good choice, when you buy Blankets.

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