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A guide to blankets and its importance to babies

Blankets are most preferred for personal use and as gift for all age groups. These are available in different materials, size and color in the market. Custom designed and personalized blankets are in high demand in the current market. People prefer to design the product as per their taste and show their creativity in doing so. They personalize it to present it to their loved ones to show them they are so special. They are used for decorating the house. They serve the dual purpose of decoration and warmth.

Baby blankets are the most frequent item in the selling list of baby products outlets. Sleep time is the important time period for a baby to grow and develop its physical and mental abilities and it occupies most of the time of a baby's life. For this time period the baby needs peaceful and comfortable atmosphere which will be provided by blankets. Babies will have disturbed sleep and will be very sensitive to sounds. Not so long from the womb, they will be in need of warmth and comfort. Babies feel insecure and will be scared of their own touch. By wrapping a baby tight in the blanket, called swaddling, all these worries of the baby come to an end. For baby gifts one can choose the product that suits best like baby cot, baby pram, car seat, etc. It should be durable even after many washes as babies are more sensitive to allergens and dust. The right choice is one with very good quality and durability. Light color should be chosen for babies that will be transparent to dirt or any insects in it.

There are many types of blankets like fleece, plush, throw, and sweatshirt and so on. All these types have many subdivisions. There is fleece baby, fleece hugme, polyester fleece, promo fleece, etc in fleece variety. In plush there are varieties like super soft plush, super plush, micro super plush, deluxe plush, etc. The choice depends mainly on the purpose it is going to serve. For carrying in times of travel, the one which is light in weight and occupies less space when folded is chosen. For winter climes thickness should be high to safeguard the body from cold weather. Cotton fabric is chosen during summer days.

Blankets made of pure wool are healthier than any other fabrics. Wool has the ability to reduce allergic effects in home and is inflammable. Merino wool can give durable products as it has the ability to provide warmth in all temperatures. Wool is breathable and it has antibacterial properties. Wool is resistant to dust. All these properties of wool make it a more suitable choice.

Maintenance of blankets is easy if following points are taken into account. Wash it as per the instructions given by the manufacturer. Don't dry it in bright sunlight. Vacuum cleaning is the best way to clean in winter. Don't use them with wet hands or don't get into it with wet legs. Dry wash before storing it for next season.

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