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How to Personalize No-Sew Flannel Blankets

No-sew flannel blankets are simple to make, which makes them a widespread gift choice. Typically requiring only two pieces of flannel, a pair of scissors, and a half hours worth of patience for tying the fringe together, they are quick and affordable.

Most no-sew flannel blankets consist of one printed piece of flannel and one solid color, such as a print of Chicago Bears football helmets and footballs on a navy background for the top of the blanket and solid orange for the bottom. However, for a more personal touch, adding a few stitches to a no-sew blanket can give it an added personal touch.
Materials Needed
4 yards of flannel (two pieces, each two yards)
Waste canvas
Embroidery thread
Counted cross-stitch pattern
Selecting Fleece
The first step in personalizing a no-sew flannel blanket is buying four yards of fleece. Two pieces are required for the project, and each one should be two yards.

Frequently, it is best to select two different colors, giving the blanket a clear top and bottom. Different colors could include different shades of the same color, such as dark yellow for the top and pale yellow for the bottom, or analogous/complementary colors on the color wheel, such as a forest green for the top and maroon for the bottom.

One yard of fleece generally has a price within the four-to-five-dollar range. Four yards usually costs anywhere from fifteen to twenty dollars.

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