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How Do You Clean A Wool Blanket?

Although there are many different types of blankets, the old-fashioned wool blanket is as popular as ever. What kind of blanket do you have on your bed? Many are using duvets for their bedding needs, but some folks find that they are too heavy to use personally.

Wool blankets are generally much lighter than duvets, but maintain their warmth better. One of the big differences between the two blankets though is in how they are cleaned.

With a duvet, cleaning is as simple as putting it in a washing machine and then in the dryer. Take it out and put it on your bed, and its as good as new.

With a wool blanket, cleaning can be a different story.

One of the more important aspects with these blankets is to read the care tag first. Youll find all the instructions on how to clean a wool blanket properly. Generally speaking, most wool blankets are dry-cleaned, although its not always the case.

Be sure that if your blanket states dry cleaning only, to do just that. You could easily ruin the blanket in a washing machine, or have it shrink up in the dryer.

Cleaning blankets during the summer months is an ideal time since you wont need to use them anytime soon.

For those blankets that allow machine wash, use cold water. Afterwards, let it air dry. Dont put it in a heated clothes dryer or it will shrink.

Use these tips and youll continue to have your wool blankets looking fresh and new.

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