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Fleece Blankets_Different Purposes

The journal topic for today is fleece blankets. I have three fleece blankets and I use each one for a different purpose. The very first fleece blanket that I ever got was a Christmas present from my daughter. It is my polar bear blanket. It has a mural of a mother polar bear and its cub. I cherish that blanket. It is my most valuable possession. I sleep with my polar bear blanket every single night, spring, summer, autumn and winter.

The other fleece blanket I have is blue in colour. I also sleep with this fleece blanket. This one is a little bigger than my polar bear blanket so it does get a bit more use. I use my blue blanket to wrap myself in first thing in the morning and I sit on my chair with my blue blanket and my heating pad on every single morning.

The other fleece blanket I have is grey and black in colour and it matches the interior of my car. I have it on the back seat of my car so that when my dog, Ice, wants to go for a car ride, he doesnt get my back seat muddy.

I find fleece blankets very inexpensive but very valuable in their different uses. It is always a good idea to have a couple on hand, just in case.





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