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Baby Blanket Gift Welcomes New Arrival

When you receive the baby shower invitation, announcement of babys arrival or the baby christening invitation, the hunt for the perfect gift to welcome the new arrival begins. A baby blanket promotional gift is a perfect way to honor babys entry into the world, and there are numerous types of blankets available to make your gift fit that special girl or boy.

Baby blanket selection used to be strictly pink or blue in a cotton weave, but todays technology and creativity has greated expanded the design and style of baby blankets that are available for gifting.

To make your baby blanket gift a keepsake that the recipient will treasure for years to come, search for companies that will personalize the baby blanket you select. Personalization can include the childs monogrammed initials, their full name, or their name, date and time of birth. Blankets can also be personalized with a digital photo of the newborn, or a collage of pictures showing the babys first days home with mom and dad.

For an ecologically earth-friendly purchase, peruse the wide array of organic baby blanket products now on the market. The organic tag on a baby blanket means it is made using cotton or other non-toxic fabric like flannel and jersey, harvested organically without the use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and manufactured without the use of caustic dyes or chemicals. Cotton blankets tend to be very durable and relatively inexpensive.

Many boutique baby stores feature baby blankets constructed from vintage materials like super-soft chenille, barkcloth, vintage silk scarves backed with flannel and cotton in retro designs. If your gift recipients mom is into nostalgia, a baby blanket promotional gift made from vintage fabrics will be a very welcome and talked about gift.

Are you handy with a sewing machine? Find a baby blanket pattern at your local fabric and sewing store and create a one-of-a-kind baby blanket gift. This style of blanket looks beautiful when created as a traditional patchwork quilt with applique designs using vintage fabrics, giving your new gift the look of a family heirloom.

Faux fur baby blankets are among the most recent additions to the gift scene. Unfortunately, most are a polyester and nylon blend instead of breathable cotton and some parents might object to that. But they are washable and certainly provide a warm and cozy environment that babies seem to love.

For the ultimate in baby luxury, consider presenting baby with a cashmere baby blanket gift, representing the finest and softest material available to place next to babys tender skin. Be aware, however, that a cashmere baby blanket gift may cost you up to $200, versus under $50 for a traditional cotton blanket in the same size. But if you want your gift to make a real fashion statement, you cant top a baby blanket gift in 3-ply cashmere.

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