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4 Unique Ways to Give a Baby Blanket Gift

It probably true you can never have too many baby blankets as a new mom. However, there comes a time and place where you just cant keep all the baby blankets as blankets gifts. If you are giving a baby blanket gift make sure yours will still be around as the baby gets older.

Here are some great ways to give a unique baby blanket gift.

Keepsake Kit and a Blanket A unique baby blanket gift, that will stand the test of time is to add a keepsake with the baby blanket. You can use a baby footprint kit, or a handprint kit, or tins for their first lost tooth or clip of hair from their first haircut. This is made even more special if you have the baby blanket personalized with the baby name.

Baby Blanket Cake Diaper cakes are all the rage, cloth diapers are gaining steam and they make a cute cake when all rolled up. You can do the same thing using baby blankets. This can also be a relatively inexpensive gift. You can find fleece blankets at most dollar type stores. You will also need some rattles and other baby toys.

Just roll the blankets up into tight rolls. Then place them in a circle on something solid. Do this for two or three tiers. You can tie them in place with pretty ribbon. Then add some rattles, baby toys tied to the cake. It makes an adorable and useful baby blanket gift. To keep this gift in a reasonable price range you can get soft fleece blankets really cheap at a dollar store.

Handmade Baby Blankets A handmade baby blanket gift speaks to the heart of any new mother. Knowing someone spent the time, thought and effort to make a hand made gift in this day and age means a lot. You can crochet, quilt, embroider a baby blanket to make it unique and special. In fact, you can make a baby blanket that requires no sewing at all, and will be just as special because you put yourself into the gift.

Embroidered Baby Blankets This blankets gifts will work whether you know how to embroider or not. You simply purchase a lovely baby blanket. This is key to this gift, make sure you get a really nice blanket. You then simply embroider (or hire someone to do it for you) the baby name, date of birth, height and weight on the blanket. This will be a keepsake a new mom will cherish forever. She will also save that blanket for her child when they have their first.

As you can see, baby blankets can be used in a variety of ways making wonderful gifts for any new mom. It especially nice since they are so useful, and you can get them in any color fabric and in any price range.

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